Masks – Romans 13 does not apply

Many of my professing Christian friends / family have used Romans 13 stating that we must submit to all authorities when it comes to wearing face coverings in stores, and in public. They also used Love thy neighbor as thyself (Mark 12:31) stating that it is unloving and selfish for us not wear face coverings as it is endangering the lives of others. Many went further to say Christ sacrificed Himself on the cross so is it to much  to ask for you to put a cloth covering on your face?

There is no Federal or State law that mandates people must wear cloth face coverings (that do not protect us from covid 19 in the first place. says so on the box).

Businesses have made policies that mandate them anyways. Businesses cannot make laws nor can they make policies that violate state or federal law. Therefore their policies on mask mandates are illegal and discriminatory against those who cannot wear them for health or religious reasons (idolatry).

Romans 13 says every person is to be subject to the governing authorities. The apostle Paul wasn’t talking about submitting to the store policies of the fish merchant down the road; he was talking about Roman authorities. When a store violates Federal and state Law they are actually the ones guilty of violating Romans 13 not us.

The masks do not prevent the spread nor do they protect us from covid-19 hence the mandates themselves are based on fear, lies and misinformation. That is from Satan. As Christians we cannot participate in something that is based on fraud, or lies. It is our duty to use Romans 13 against the stores that are illegally  mandating that customers must wear face coverings. Please join me in this fight before we lose our precious freedoms in this country!

That being said! If you want to wear a mask please wear one! But for those of us who can’t due to religious and health reasons please allow us the courtesy of exercising our freedoms. God bless you, and may the Lord grant us repentance so we can bring our country back to being one nation under God.

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