Last night I watched the presidential debate against Joe Biden and Donald Trump. On the one hand the democrats(Biden) are for full unrestricted abortions, and on the republicans (Trump) said he is against 9 month abortions or after their born abortions in the one breathe and in the other says he will leave it up to the states. Personally he said “and some disagree” but I think there should be an exception for “rape”, “incest” and “life of the mother.” Essentially they are both for the murder of children. …. In regards to the debate last night Trump said: “Except for “Rape”, “incest”, “life ofRead More →

A pastor from SC came out today to join us. The young girl with the orange shirt wanted to go in for a pregnancy test only but before she went she talked to us. Once she tried to go in they told her that they know she’s with us protestors and refused her service. So much for the tolerant left.   We got a lot of one finger salutes today. I tried to talk to a few of them to ask them for what reason are they flipping us off.. I have yet to find anyone willing to engage with me.   Romans 8 5Read More →

It was a very active day today. I met up with a new brother from another local Church today who is going to join us in the fight to end abortion. I’m encouraged that I’m starting to see more protestants coming out. We don’t have many as there are mostly Roman Catholics. We didn’t experience any turn arounds today unfortunately. There are people who work(or volunteer) for planned parenthood that help the young women into the clinic. We call them deathscorts. They wear pink shirts, masks and carry umbrellas. They use the umbrellas to block us as they escort the young women in to haveRead More →