Today many of us still separate Jews some even believing that they were saved by the law. But salvation was always by Faith from the beginning to the end. This is why Abraham is brought up the Jewish audience who would have been reading this letter at the time. The Jew would have thought “We are Gods chosen people because of our ethnicity and because we were circumcised” – The Apostle Paul explains that circumcision was a sign of the seal of righteousness of faith. The sign wasn’t what saved actually made them right before God. There is still mass confusion about this today manyRead More →

You have heard the saying “there are no atheists in fox holes” – but according to scripture there are no atheists. Verse 18 – They are suppressing the truth Verse 19 – The truth of Gods existence is manifest in them Verse 20 – Gods existence is clearly evident in the creation. They are without excuse Verse 21 – It says “they knew God” Verse 22 – Is this not true how the atheists love to boast in their knowledge and mock those who believe in God as less intelligent, less ‘evolved’ humans. Verse 25 – they lie to themselves. Verse 28 – They knowRead More →

Questions to ask ourselves: Why study the attributes of God and why are they important?  How do the attributes of God relate to His law? To the gospel? To worship? what is the relationship with the attributes of God and idolatry? what is the difference between communicable and incommunicable attributes? what are some other terms for the attributes of God? Each Study: Seek to give glory to God. Read together or summarize and discuss. When did Jesus demonstrate this attribute? Help each other apply this attribute (real life examples) Bring one verse that will remind/prove this attribute. Lesson 1: Attributes of God – Solitariness ofRead More →

Article 36: The Civil Government We believe that because of the depravity of the human race our good God has ordained kings, princes, and civil officers. He wants the world to be governed by laws and policies so that human lawlessness may be restrained and that everything may be conducted in good order among human beings. For that purpose he has placed the sword in the hands of the government, to punish evil people and protect the good. And being called in this manner to contribute to the advancement of a society that is pleasing to God, the civil rulers have the task, subject toRead More →

Apart from God you cannot have absolute truth. Our culture today professes that truth is relative to each persons individual feelings. In this worldview it is impossible to speak truth to your neighbor. The culture today says don’t judge. It is impossible to judge correctly without truth and It impossible to have justice or peace without truth.   Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life” and that His Word is truth. It’s no surprise for me to see the destruction, chaos, violence and disorder our nation is suffering because we have rejected God. My hope is that our nation as aRead More →

The Lords Supper This stands in contrast to the Roman Catholic Doctrine of transubstantiation which teaches the elements of bread and wine literally become the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. The elements can only be transformed through an ordained Roman Catholic priest or “alter christus” which means “another Christ” — This is why in the Roman Catholic Churches the wafer is placed into a tabernacle and they will also kneel before it as they teach it is literally Jesus physically present. The Heidelberg was written in 1562 and is one of the 3 forms of unity that our church and many othersRead More →